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Noteware Development was founded in 2002 by 30 year real estate veteran James D. Noteware to develop residential condominium projects which:

  • Are located on "urban infill" sites to respond to changing lifestyles and consumer preferences.
  • Create medium density projects in mixed-use environs with a focus on attractive interior amenities.
  • Deliver customer value by offering mid-priced homes in rapidly appreciating markets.

Noteware Development's philosophy is captured in its operating slogan:

Make Money. Have Fun. Do Good.

Noteware Development implements its business philosophy by:

  • Targeting the most desirable areas of rapidly growing metropolitan areas throughout the United States.
  • Creating residential environments which focus on lifestyle by integrating the Four R’s: residential, resort, recreation and retail.
  • Assembling teams of experienced professionals with specialized expertise at both the national and local levels to collaborate on the planning, design, construction and marketing of the residential environments.
  • Working closely with community groups, public officials, landowners and other developers to ensure positive local relationships and lasting consumer satisfaction.
  • Achieving economies of scale through experience efficiencies in sales, construction and financing of the residential products
  • Earning superior financial returns in the capital markets to provide financial strength, confidence and continuity.